At CJW Financial Associates, we employ a number of different strategies to help you pinpoint your financial wants and needs, make strides towards them, and ultimately: reach your financial goals.


True holistic financial planning is a comprehensive, ongoing approach that starts with helping you define your dreams, developing a plan to help you get there, then tracking your progress along the way and recommending changes where needed. No matter where you find yourself today or see yourself in the future, a one-on-one personal relationship with Christopher J. Wolfe and CJW Financial Associates can help you find your financial balance and bring your dreams and goals more within reach.


For over 18 years, Christopher J. Wolfe and CJW Financial Associates has worked with individuals, families, businesses and institutions to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve and manage wealth. Christopher J. Wolfe will be your professional wealth management adviser where you can receive tailored investment advice. The benefit of these specialized wealth strategies are to assist in planning for your retirement and legacy, and provide a holistic approach to your full financial picture. Christopher J. Wolfe and CJW Financial Associates will help you look ahead for changes and opportunities, and reassess as your needs and goals evolve.


Retirement planning includes identifying sources of income, estimating expenses, implementing a savings & investment program and managing assets to plan for a secure future. As we age, we must consider the increasing costs of healthcare and long-term care, as well as having sufficient funds to ensure a secure future. Our holistic approach to retirement planning considers all areas of one’s life, including lifestyle choices and geographical considerations.

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Risk can never be eliminated entirely, but it can be managed. Christopher J. Wolfe and CJW Financial Associates understand that no matter the industry, each business and individual have unique concerns and risks. How much risk can you afford to take, and how much money will it cost to mitigate that risk? We work within your financial means to make sure your risks are addressed and attainable, affordable solutions are provided.

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Premium Financing
for Estate & Business Planning

Premium financing can be an effective and advantageous way for you to pay for the life insurance you need to accomplish your financial goals. Premium financing is a planning strategy that can enable you to pay the premiums for the coverage you need without having to drastically impact your business or personal cash flow. It involves an arrangement through which you borrow money at a competitive interest rate from a bank to pay for your life insurance policy. The policy cash value is used as collateral for the loan along with an assignment of the death benefit.

By leveraging a lender’s capital rather than your own to pay annual premiums, you retain a significant amount of capital you can use to maintain or make investments or preserve your savings or cash flow needs.

Premium Financing | CJW Financial Associates

• Obtain a significant amount of life insurance with limited up-front, out-of-pocket costs.
• Preserve, maintain and build assets in your existing portfolio by using third party funding to pay life insurance policy premiums.
• Leverage your annual gift tax exclusions or lifetime exemption to transfer other assets in your estate tax-free.
• Minimize or eliminate gift taxes on policy premiums if the policy is owned by an Irrevocable Trust.
• Gain an economic advantage by reducing the out-of-pocket cost of the policy and potentially leverage the future cash value.
• Use the policy cash value as part of the collateral of the loan (additional collateral or a letter of credit may be required to secure the loan).
• Obtain potential for competitive interest rates on borrowed funds.
• Maximize cost efficiency by preserving personal and business cash flow

To make the most of your premium financing arrangement, there are factors to consider such as the loan interest rate and policy crediting rate. Keep in mind that loan interest rates can increase, which would result in loan interest payments. Generally, when higher interest rates increase, the policy will typically earn a higher rate of return. The hypothetical illustrations that we incorporate into the plan factor in higher future loan rates to avoid surprises down the road. We will consult with your legal team and tax advisors to make sure they understand how the plan and strategy will help your family with estate, gift and income taxes.